Neighborhood Navigators

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Our purpose is to serve as a connector in the community, ensuring that all members of the Sun Prairie community have a support system, have a voice for change, and have access to resources.

Vision: Every member of the Sun Prairie community have the opportunity to thrive.


  • To encourage and facilitate equitable access to community resources and support systems through outreach activities targeted at meeting community needs.
  • To develop opportunities for community members to engage and build relationships with one another, creating a stronger, more neighborly community.
  • To support Sun Prairie residents by serving as a conduit to and from community resources and service providers.
  • To provide triage and support services for residents in crisis.
  • To provide opportunities that bridge gaps between the residents of Sun Prairie, decision-makers, and service providers.

What do we do?

The Sun Prairie Neighborhood Navigators program is a grassroots program for neighbors to engage and help their fellow neighbors. The role of Neighborhood Navigators is twofold. The Navigators are directly connected to several community resource agencies and are ready to assist neighbors with making connections to these resources. Secondly, the Navigators are working to engage their neighbors in conversations about the community and its resources. By acting as a connector to and from community agencies, it is the hope of the Navigator program to make all residents feel supported and that their voices heard.

Your Neighborhood Navigators are here to provide information/resource linkage on: 

  • Food/Meal Programs 
  • Clothing 
  • Rent Assistance/Housing 
  • Transportation Assistance 
  • Early Childhood Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • Employment
  • Recreation Services
  • Community Education 
  • Library Services
  • Voting/Voter Registration 
  • City Council, Board & Commission Meetings 
  • Home Visiting Services 
  • ...and more! 

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Need Assistance?

Please reach out directly to any member of the Navigator team, or e-mail us at