Park-and-ride facilities allow commuters to take advantage of alternative forms of transportation such as transit, cycling, or carpooling. When not used for commuters, the lots can serve as trailheads when located close to multi-use paths.

Why Does Sun Prairie Need a Park-and-Ride?

Sun Prairie has been exploring bus service for a number of years.  After identifying express commuter bus service as the most viable starting point for transit, the City began a robust planning process to determine how the service should be structured. As part of that planning process, the City commissioned a third-party scientific survey of residents to learn more about their needs and desires for a service. A majority of survey respondents expressed an interest in driving to the bus service, followed closely by walking.

With limited available funding and buses for this initial route, creating a parking place for residents that are not on the route is critical not only for the success of the route, but to also ensure that the route does not negatively impact neighborhoods it travels through. Without a park and ride, informal park and rides may appear in neighborhoods, at school and business parking lots, and in parks.

Where Were Park-and-Ride Lots Considered in Sun Prairie?

Staff examined all interchanges at US Highway 151 within the city limits, as well as the existing lot within the American Center, located within the City of Madison. Other locations had a variety of issues, including a lack of available land, inappropriate context, future access control, inappropriate location, or the need to purchase and demolish existing structures prior to building a lot. The existing park-and-ride lot at American Center was eliminated from consideration due to its placement and configuration in relation to the planned bus service.

Why Was the Reiner/O'Keeffe Lot Recommended?

A city-owned parcel at the southwest corner of Reiner/O'Keeffe has been recommended for the development of a park-and-ride. This lot was identified due to a number of benefits, including:

  • Convenient access from US Highway 151 for all residents
  • Fast travel time to/from the Capitol Square
  • Ability to accommodate future expansion (if needed)
  • Ability to serve employers and employees in close proximity
  • Metro-identified preferred location for a park-and-ride lot
  • No site acquisition costs

What will the lot look like? When will it open?

The park-and-ride lot incorporates the following features:

  • Shelter
  • Route maps
  • Bike racks
  • Refuse containers
  • Dedicated bus entrance/exit
  • Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Security cameras

The lot will first be developed near the corner of Cremer Drive and O'Keeffe Avenue and is tentatively scheduled for completion in late August 2019.   Full plans for the lot can be found below under resources.


Resources related to the coming park and ride can be found: