Express Commuter Bus Service


Starting Wednesday, March 18, capacity on Metro Transit buses will be limited to 15 passengers plus the driver. If you are a rider who is at a high risk of severe illness, please avoid using public transit. High risk individuals include people 60 years or older, people with underlying health conditions, people with weakened immune systems, and women who are pregnant.

If your normal bus is full, please call City Planning at 608-825-1107 or email and the City will make arrangements to have another bus will be dispatched to you.

In addition, starting Monday, March 23, Metro Transit will be reducing service to follow Saturday schedules 7 days per week, with the addition of commuter service on weekdays - including Sun Prairie’s Route 23. This service modification will continue until further notice.

Finally, Metro will also be selectively increasing the number of buses on routes with high ridership in order to meet the demand while still maintaining a max capacity of 15 riders per bus.

The City of Sun Prairie and Metro Transit offer express commuter service between Sun Prairie and the Capitol Square.  Express commuter bus service is fixed-route transit service that operates during peak commuting times on routes between the largest city in a metro and a suburb.  For full information about the service, click here.  For additional FAQs about the service, click here.

Schedule and Maps

Riders can access the service, Route 23, via the Sun Prairie Park and Ride (at the corner of Reiner Road and O’Keeffe Avenue) or at one of the bus stops located within Prairie Lakes, on West Main Street, and on O’Keeffe Avenue.  The service operates during morning and afternoon peak hours with a limited-stop zone along East Washington Avenue.



Fare Information

Have your pass or exact cash fare ready when boarding. Drivers are not able to make change. If your ride requires a transfer, please ask the driver for a free transfer pass upon boarding.

Senior / Disabled Fare*$1.00
Child (under 5, with chaperone)Free
2-4-6 Weekend/Holidays (buy from driver)$6.00
1-Day Pass (buy from driver)$5.00

Interested in a Monthly pass or 10-ride card?  Passes and ride cards can be purchased at City Hall, the Westside Community Service Building, at the Sun Prairie Library or online.

Adult 31-day pass$65.00
31-day Senior / Disabled Pass*$32.50
31-day Low Income*$28.00
Youth Pass (semester / school year)*$165 / $315
Summer Youth*$35.00
Adult 10-ride card$17.25
Youth 10-ride card*$11.25
Senior / Disabled 10-ride card*$10.00

*If requested, proof-of-eligibility must be provided for reduced fares. Medicare card holders are eligible for reduced fares.

For more, please visit: