Roadways & Parking


A well-connected, complete, and well-maintained roadway network is critical to ensuring that Sun Prairie is a good place to live, work, and do business. The City of Sun Prairie maintains 139 miles of roadway within its limits. To preserve this investment, the City performs a variety of street projects – ranging from maintenance and rehabilitation projects to complete street reconstruction projects.

The City has created detailed maps of existing and platted roadways:

Each year, the City of Sun Prairie updates its 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan with projects anticipated to be completed within the next five years.


Downtown Parking

The City maintains a number of public parking lots in the downtown area that offer free parking. A map of these lots (PDF) can be found.


Parking Restrictions

To keep our streets safe during the winter months and to allow our street crews to clear snow in an efficient manner, the City of Sun Prairie has enacted winter parking restrictions along major snow routes and during snow emergencies. View information about these policies. Find all other parking restrictions.