Fire Advisory Committee

Fire Trucks on Parade
The Sun Prairie Fire Advisory Committee consists of eleven (11) voting members, including five (5) members to be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.  The Members include 1) the Mayor; 2) the City Council President; 3) an additional City Council member; 4) one representative at-large representing the townships; 5) one representative from the Township of Sun Prairie; 6) one representative from the Township of Bristol; 7) one representative from the Police and Fire Commission; 8) one representative from the public with a background in public safety; and 9) two (2) at-large public members, and three (3) members of the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Company, Inc. The Township of Burke may select an ex-officio member to be a liaison with the committee.  The alder person serves for one year terms beginning May 1st. All other members shall be appointed annually, subject to confirmation by City Council, for one-year terms.

Duties of the Fire Advisory Committee

The Committee collects information, comments, complaints, suggestions and data from the City of Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Company, Inc. and other sources to oversee development of a twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days per week fire standards. This collection of this information enables agreement upon metrics for response times and efficient safe suppression of any fire emergency. Other duties include facilitating transparency between City of Sun Prairie and Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Company, Inc., including monthly accountability reports detailing all fire suppression activities, all training and response activities and financial accountability.

See the full description of the Fire Advisory Committee in Chapter 2.53 in the Sun Prairie Municipal Code of Ordinances.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held as needed at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson, and are open to the public.

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