Lifetime Achievement Award

Rotary Honors Louie Blaser
Sun Prairie Media Center (SPMC) Commission Chairperson, Louie Blaser, received the Rotary Lifetime Achievement Award on Tuesday, July 31, 2012. In honor of the award, the Rotary gifted SPMC with $500 for the purchase of an iPad. The iPad will be used as a teleprompter in SPMC's studios, for social media and add the to continuing improvement of the KIDS-4 media literacy program.
Louie Blaser
History of Service
Louie Blaser has been a member of the Rotary for 52 years and SPMC's Commission Chairperson since it's inception in 1977. Thank you to the Rotary and to Louie for all you have done for the community and the Media Center.

Pictured above: Sara Kirkland (Rotary member), Louie Blaser (Rotary member and SPMC Commission Chairperson), and Cameron Thompson (SPMC Executive Director).