Public Works

Department Topics

  1. Refuse & Recycle Information

    Our community is proud of our refuse and recycle program. Recycling is the 1 hands-on environmental activity that we can take part in regularly, since we all face choices several times each day about what goes in our refuse cart. Find information about what can go in your curbside collection carts and what can be taken to the Recycle Center, as well as applying for a Recycle Center Permit.

  2. Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale!

    Public Works is selling a limited number of compost bins and rain barrels for home use.

  3. Snow & Ice Information

    Find out what a snow fall means for you, winter parking information, sand barrel locations, and mailbox location guidelines.

  4. Fleet Maintenance

    One of the responsibilities of the Public Works Department is to maintain the fleet of vehicles used by the city.

  5. Traffic Control

    Get information on the efforts taken to keep traffic under control.

  6. FAQs

    Frequently asked questions for Public Works

  7. Bid Opportunities

    Public Works bid opportunities for projects including: slurry seal, chip seal, curb and gutter repair, lawn mowing, snow removal

  8. Street Light Outages?

    To report street light outages or other power outages, please call Sun Prairie Utilities at 608-837-5500.

  9. Garden Opportunities

    Information for Blooming of Sun Prairie and Community Garden

  10. Report a Problem

    Find out when and how to report problems to the Public Works Department, and which problems they can fix.