Current Museum Exhibits and Displays

2015 Exhibits
Museum exhibits change annually.
The Life and Career of Former Ambassador to Norway, Tom Loftus

This current exhibit features information, artifacts, letters, citations and other memorabilia from Tom Loftus recounting his career in State Government and as the US Ambassador to Norway. You can enjoy an evening with Tom Loftus at the Library Community Room at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, September 15th.

Suggestions Welcome
Suggestions are welcome for another new display at the Public Library. The Museum Staff Volunteers have many ideas for displays. What do you want to investigate? Suggestions for displays are always welcome. Email the Museum or call 608-837-2915 to make a suggestion. 

2015 Displays
High School Sports
The museum staff, with the assistance of the athletic director, coaches, and museum friends, presents the largest and most comprehensive display on 100 years and more of high school sports. This comprehensive display covers 2 display rooms of the museum.

Native American Settlements
Explore Native American Nations in the Sun Prairie area from 8,000 B.C. through the Caucasian settlement. Explore the countryside by traveling the ancient trails of the Native Americans.
O’Keeffe & Sun Prairie Township

Investigate the Sun Prairie heritage of the O’Keeffe and Totto families. Original records and correspondence between O’Keeffe and Sun Prairie leaders is included in the display.

Sun Prairie Artists
The museum curator and museum staff volunteers chose local artists from its collection for the first of a series on Sun Prairie art and crafts. This exhibit includes paintings by many artists including:
  • Arad Grover
  • Artimo Huerta
  • Brother Carl Tiedt
  • Fred Pechacek
  • Jean Burdekin
  • Judith Langer
  • Peter Cole
  • Poonam Rao
  • Sarah Mann
  • Stephen Paksy
Explore Children & Toys
An exploration of children’s toys photographs in a display room created out of the last storage room on the display level of the museum.