Key Development Opportunities

There are many different areas throughout Sun Prairie for redevelopment. Browse through the following areas, however this is not an exhaustive list of available buildings and sites. If you have questions or if you need more information on these buildings and sites, contact the City of Sun Prairie for additional information.
Moving Dirt

Sun Prairie Business Park

The Sun Prairie Business Park has been one of the most successful business parks in Dan County because of its development standards and affordable pricing. The City has three lots remaining and is actively seeking potential business for these sites. Part of the Business Park is located in TIF 12. Please connect with Economic Development for more information on TIF eligibility and  available lots.

Contact Economic Development at (608) 825-1107 or click here for more information.
St. Mary's Outlots (TIF 9)
The City of Sun Prairie owns three developable lots that are available for private development near the St. Mary's Emergency Room campus located on US 151 and Reiner Road in Sun Prairie's Westside neighborhood. Assistance or incentives may be available for qualified projects.

Click here or contact Economic Development at (608) 8255-1107 for more information.

Central Main Street Corridor (TIF 11)

Serving at the City’s original commercial corridor, the Central Main Street Corridor has several options for redevelopment sites as well as viable commercial buildings for your office, retail and service business.

Please click here, for additional information on specific redevelopment opportunities and availability of space for your business. 

Downtown (TIF 8)
Home to one of the most successful downtown redevelopment projects in Wisconsin, Downtown Sun Prairie features a growing number of restaurants, retailers, offices, and signature community events. It has become the symbol of our community's potential, and it continues to evolve into a greater place to live and work. There are several opportunities for a business to move into available space downtown, as well as some redevelopment opportunities for a few remaining underutilized parcels. 

For more information on Main Street development or visit Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) at (608) 512-9743.
Cannery Square
Prairie Lakes
The central retail area of the Westside Neighborhood Development is anchored by Target, Costco, Starbucks. Cabela's and Marcus Theatres, this area is the primary retail showcase area for the City of Sun Prairie. The development is located directly on the interchange of Hwy 151 and Grand Ave (County Highway C). A variety of lot sizes for larger and smaller users are still available.

Click here for additional information, or contact Chad Fedler at (608) 358-0333.
Prairie Lakes Shopping Area
Smith's Crossing
This area is most known for its traditional neighborhood design and is actively seeking commercial development on several sites along with small retail/office lease opportunities to accompany the 1,800+ housing units in the area.

Click here or contact DSI Real Estate at (608) 226-3060 for additional information.
Prairie Center
Anchored by Copp's grocery store, this development area at the SE corner of the intersection of State Highway 19 and Grand Ave (County Highway C) was the first area to begin developing on Sun Prairie's Westside Neighborhood Area. Only two outlots remain.

Contact Rollie Winter & Associates at (920) 739-0101 or click here for more information.