Vision, Mission & Core Values

The Sun Prairie Police Department's Vision is to have a Sun Prairie where all can live safely and are empowered to share responsibility for public safety solutions, protected by a police department that is trustworthy and offers hope.

We will build relationships and solve problems.

Core Values
Exceptional Service & Problem Solving (Competence)
We are committed to providing high-quality policing services and strive for continuous improvement. We are responsive to community priorities and expectations while educating the community on our capabilities and limitations. We measure our success by the number of problems we eliminate through community-based, problem oriented, data-driven policing strategies.

Professionalism (Character)
We understand that public trust is the foundation of our profession. We are accountable to ourselves, each other and the community for our words and actions.

Employee Fulfillment (Leadership)
We view all of our members as leaders with each offering a valuable contribution to our department. We are responsible for the performance, reputation and morale of the department. We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our members.