Press Release - 02/07/19

City of Sun Prairie Postpones 2019 Revaluation

As directed by the City Council, the City of Sun Prairie Assessor’s office conducts revaluations on a two year cycle updating assessments to market value in odd numbered years. This helps ensure that property assessments represent their full value.

2019 was scheduled to be a revaluation year for Sun Prairie. Due to unforeseen personnel changes and approaching reporting deadlines to the State of Wisconsin, the City of Sun Prairie will be postponing its 2019 revaluation year until 2020.

City staff has requested a temporary appointment of Acting City Assessor to Rachel Woiteshek which was approved at the February 5 Common Council meeting.

Since this will not be a revaluation year, most property owners will not see a change in their assessment for 2019.  Any assessment changes that occur will be mainly due to the result of ongoing land development, new construction and/or other permitted changes.  Business personal property owners will still receive assessment change notices as they continue to do so every year.

Please call 608-825-1186 with questions and/or concerns.